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A note from Salty Tails:

Ahoy there to all my new friends, my name is Salty Tails.

Have you ever wondered what your favorite four-legged friend was saying behind your back? Or right to your face, for that matter? Your cat’s meow, your dog’s bark, or your horse’s whinny. The answer is a lot, and though I can’t speak for all of your furry companions, some of us are quite clever.

Take the majestic horse, for example. Although I have not come across many of the equine species first hand, those I have met were surprisingly intelligent, even if they are scared of everything.

By contrast, my experience with the canine group has been most disappointing. It’s true that the dog is considered man’s best friend, and for some poor unfortunate souls, that might be so, but this doesn’t mean your tail-wagging friend is the most intelligent character at the pound.

Cuervo, my drooling crime solving partner, is a prime example. In his case, looks are not deceiving. Please don’t get me wrong; as a companion I can’t put a price on Cuervo’s loyalty. Then again, even a pet rock is loyal. But when it comes to brains, Cuervo is a few bones short of a full rack.

Now, if you’re looking for real intellect in a companion, adopt a cat like me. Never has a more noble – not to mention good looking – animal ever been created.

It’s true, some might consider my opinion towards their beloved canine companions overly biased. My simple response to these ignorant fools is, “Why have opinions if you’re not going to share them?”

I live with my human partner, Stormy McGuire, on a houseboat in Marina del Rey, California. When not sleeping, eating, or sailing the high seas with Stormy, I’m watching my favorite soap opera, The Days of Stormy’s Life. Talk about drama. I’m constantly amazed at the predicaments Stormy finds himself in. Add into that a cast of characters as eclectic as the tales themselves and I guarantee you’ll be entertained. To be honest, you simply couldn’t make up some of the messes he gets into. As far as I’m concerned, reality TV has nothing on Stormy’s calamity-filled life.

So, after rigorous negotiations, Richard Stephens has agreed to help me share Stormy’s many misadventures with you, my adoring public. Why did I need to collaborate with a mere human you might ask? Have you ever tried to type with paws? Besides, I find pushing buttons on a keyboard all day much too menial for an intellectual dramatist such as myself.

I hope you enjoy reading Salty tales as much as I enjoyed sharing them with you.

Salty Tails

Salty Tails


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Salty Tails Mysteries


CEO, and Author Salty Tails Mysteries
Salty Tails Mysteries


Salty Tails Mysteries
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Salty Tails Mystries
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