Salty Tails

   Salty Tails was born a poor kitty, abandoned on the mean streets of Los Angeles in the summer of 2007. I was to young to remember the date. My two brothers, thee sisters, and I were found in an old cardboard box and dropped off at a local rescue shelter. It was there that I was adopted by my good friend and meal provider – Stormy McGuire. Living with Stormy is like living in my own private soap-opera. I simply couldn’t make up the messes he and I get into. And don’t get me started on his love life. Talk about mushy Romance and Drama. Yuck!
   Read more about my life with Stormy and his eclectic crew of sailors in my, “Salty Tails, Cozy Mystery,” series.
I hope you enjoy reading, my tales, as much as I enjoyed sharing it with you.

Salty Tails
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